Once upon a time..., a tasty new drinking yoghurt, practical and healthy, that can be taken anywhere and enjoyed whenever you want, thanks to its little pouch! 3 years of research were necessary to achieve this long-life drinking yoghurt! A novelty that enchants, both the parents looking for a healthy food, and the children who can feast everywhere thanks to the little portable pouch!

But what’s its secret?

MilK’Kiss was born in a little dairy in Picardy. It’s in this dairy that the MilK’Kiss recipe is prepared using milk from our French farms, from yoghurt and blended with fruit. It’s a healthy, high quality recipe:

  • No preservatives**
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • A source of calcium and vitamin D

Thanks to a completely new ''high temperature process'', MilK’Kiss® becomes the first long-life drinking yoghurt in a pouch. It’s a technique that doesn’t require preservatives: the drinking yoghurt is instantly brought to a very high temperature for a very short time.

This allows the drinking yoghurt to keep its great taste and all its nutritional qualities for a long time.
This revolutionary process allows the MilK’Kiss pouches to keep for 9 months at room temperature!

For the first time, a drinking yoghurt doesn’t need to be kept refrigerated, it can be kept in the cupboard, and even better, it can be taken everywhere:
in the school bag, in the car, etc.

The pouches are filled in a completely sterilised machine. MilK’Kiss prides itself in respecting all the standards. The fastening of the cap is also very tightly controlled. In this way, MilK'Kiss products are produced with integrity and are guaranteed safe.

The latest design, the MilK’Kiss pouches have a fun yet practical elongated shape. Their flat cap is very easy for children to open, it is also anti-choke for added safety, and be attached anywhere thanks to the hole in the handle!