The fun little portable pouch.

An ingenious cap: anti-swallow, and easy for little hands to open!

Milk goodness to make the drinking yoghurt and blended with fruit!

A 6-pack of 80g pouches!

Source of Calcium

Source of Vitamin D

1 pouch of MilK’Kiss® =
1 out of the 3 dairy products
recommended each day

A naturally good recipe

sans conservateur, sans colorant artificiel, sans arôme artificiel
procédé haute temperature, longue conservation

Long shelf life at room temperature


The goodness of milk and the great expertise of our Co-operative dairy in Picardy


Tasty raspberries blended into the drinking yoghurt

It’s practical


The large flat cap

Practical for
little hands to open!
Can’t be swallowed: safe for even
the littlest ones


The slim pouch

Fun and practical,
slides into the pocket
and is easily held!

procédé haute temperature, longue conservation

Long shelf life

No fridge needed, all the benefits
of MilK’Kiss® last
for a long time!

For 100g For a pouch (80g) Percentage of RI1 for a pouch
Energy value 110 kcal
88 kcal
371 kJ
Fatsof which
saturated fats
3,4 g
2 g
2,7 g
1,6 g
Glucidesof which sugars 16,4 g
13,9 g
13,1 g
11,1 g
Proteins 3,5 g 2,8 g 5,6
Salt 0,1 g 0,08 g 1,3
Calcium 150 mg 120 mg
(15% VNR2)
Vitamin D3 0,94 μg 0,75 μg
(15% VNR2)

Dairy product with raspberry


whole milk (milk, cream) (74%); sugar, yoghurt * (5%) (including milk); raspberry puree (5%); glucose-fructose syrup; modified starch ; milk proteins; acid: lactic acid; thickeners: pectin, locust bean gum, gellan gum; natural flavours (milk); concentrated milk minerals; purple carrot juice concentrate; concentrated blackcurrant, apple and radish; vitamin D.
* The yoghurt fermentation products are destroyed by the high temperature process.