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Discover the 4 steps to manufacturing MilK’Kiss®, the drinking yoghurt in the long-life pouch!

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Discover MilK’Kiss®, a delicious drinking yoghurt in a long-life pouch.

Most frequent asked questions

  • Why does MilK'Kiss keep so long without being in the fridge?

    MilK’Kiss is produced thanks to an innovative process: it is heated to a high temperature for a short time and is then aseptically packaged. So all bacteria are destroyed and the product is stable over time even when not kept in the fridge!

  • What is the difference between MilK’Kiss and a classic yogurt?

    MilK’Kiss doesn’t contain the typical yoghurt fermentation products that are destroyed by the high temperature process. This doesn’t affect its sensory properties but does make it possible to conserve it for a long time at room temperature. However, MilK’Kiss, the same as a conventional yoghurt, contains calcium and vitamin D, which are necessary to maintain healthy bones and teeth

  • Where does the milk used to make MilK’Kiss come from?

    The milk used to make MilK’Kiss comes only from French farms.

  • What checks are carried-out on the milk?

    The milk is collected from French farms, transported in refrigerated tankers and is checked for a number of criteria when it arrives at the production site: microbiological quality, fat, carbohydrates, acidity, absence of pesticides and antibiotics, etc. The milk used in the MilK’Kiss recipe is carefully selected.

  • Does MilK’Kiss contain preservatives?

    No, MilK’Kiss is made to a natural recipe: no preservatives, nor artificial colours or flavours are used. The colour comes from just the fruits and flavours are all natural!

  • Can I still keep my MilK’Kiss pouch in the fridge?

    Of course!

  • Can my child drink MilK’Kiss even if the pouch has been left in the sun?

    Yes, the pouch will still be good even after 24 hours in a car at 35°C. Make sure though, that the pouch hadn’t been opened beforehand!

  • Can my child choke on the cap?

    No, the cap has been designed to avoid the risk of choking: its shape prevents obstruction of the airway if swallowed, and the hole allows air to pass. What’s more, it’s practical to open and it can be attached to things!

  • Where can I find MilK’Kiss?

    MilK’Kiss is available in the grocery department of your supermarket, and also at some motorway services and petrol stations.

  • Is the packaging recyclable?

    Yes the cardboard packaging can be recycled in your yellow bins. Unfortunately, the pouch is not yet recyclable, but it was carefully designed and it does not contain aluminium.

  • Where can I contact if I have other questions?

    For further information or comments about MilK’Kiss, you can send us an email via the Contact section, or send us a letter to the following address:

    Service consommateurs MilK'Kiss
    2 bis chemin d’Armancourt
    60200 Compiègne

  • Where can I follow news about MilK’Kiss?

    Follow us on our website Milk’, but also on :
    our Facebook page : link
    our Instagram account : link

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