sans conservateur, sans colorant artificiel, sans arôme artificiel Milk'Kiss

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Longue conservation Milk'Kiss

After 3 years of research, here’s MilK’Kiss®: a delicious drinking yoghurt in a pouch that can be taken anywhere and keeps at room temperature! A natural dairy product, healthy and very tasty for children to take with them wherever they go.

Manufacturing secrets

Tasty and practical!

Quality milk from our French farms.

Blended with fruits!

A large cap and an elongated pouch: practical for little hands!

Made in France

Discover our delicious drinking yoghurts blended with fruity goodness (peach, raspberry and strawberry), and our wonderful vanilla flavour recipe! The new elongated pouch and super convenient cap allows children to take it with them on all their adventures. Wherever they go, they can count on MilK’Kiss®!